Indonesische dansgroep InaDance 


Welcome at InaDance.

We are from the traditional modern Indonesian dancegroup InaDance from The Netherlands.

Our group has a total member of 5 dancers with Amina Tanoewidjaja (Amie) as the owner and danceleader.

At InaDance we have all kinds of classical and modern Indonesian dances in our repertory from the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan.

We also have our own choreography in modern Indonesian dances.

Over the past few years InaDance has performed at many big festivals and Asian related events in The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium and Turkey.

We also perform at smaller occasions for example anniversaries, weddings and birthday parties, company gatherings, embassies, etc.

Our highlight was the performance for the King and Queen of Sweden in 2017 for a private dining at the Indonesian Embassy in Stockholm (click on link below ) :