Tari Cendrawasih - Bali

Cendrawasih is the name of the Paradisebird from New-Guinea.
The Cendrawasih dance is a Balinese dance which is performed by normally two female dancers and illustrates the mating rituals of the bird of paradise.
This dance is characterized by very graceful and fixed head movements.


Tari Kembang Girang - Bali

The Tari Kembang Girang describes the 'happy colorful flowers'.

This graceful and elegant dance also describes the transition from young girls into grown women.

The dance movements portray the expression of the flowers.

Tari Geprak Rempug - Jakarta

The Tari Geprak Rempug is a new Betawi dance creation of Jakarta which is a choreography of Bathara Saverigadi Dewandoro from the dancegroup Swargaloka.

InaDance had the approval from Bathara himself to perform his creation.




*Tari Menjeng - East Java

The Tari Menjeng is a very cheerful and energetic dance from the city of Banyuwangi in East Java.

It portrays a young women who is blossoming in her youth.

Music is led by a gamelan group from Banyuwangi.




*Gandrung Bandung - West Java

There are many different choreograpies made with this music originated from West-Java.

Amina Tanoewidjaja also made her own choreography for this dance inspired by modern Jaipongan dance and the Betawi dance from Jakarta. The dance is very energetic and cheerful.


Tari Merak - West Java

This is a traditional dance that describes the beauty and the movement of a Peacock.
It is performed by female dancers inspired by the movements of a Peacock and its feathers blended with the classical movements of the Sundanese dance.
This dance is performed to welcome honourable guests in a big event or occasionally at a Sundanese wedding ceremony.


Nandak Ganjen - West Java 

Nandak Ganjen is a new dance creation from the Betawi culture (Culture from Jakarta).
This dance is about happiness and freedom of the young people.
It is mostly performed by Betawi teenagers in their bloom of the youth.


*Tari Kaca Kaca

In this Jaipongan dance, which is originated from West Java, you see the strength of a women who does the Pencak Silat movements (Martial Arts from Indonesia).
The two ladies are a resemblance of each other (kaca : which means mirror).

This dance is also an own creation and choreography of InaDance.



*Tari Kompang

This dance is an own choreography of InaDance, it is a modern mix of the Balinese and West Javanese dance style.
The dance is led by the drums and tambourins of the island Sumatra and the Javanese bamboo instruments Angklung.
Costumes are selfdesigned with Balinese black & white patterns.



*Tari Payung - Jakarta 

The Tari Payung is a cheerful Betawi dance from  Jakarta.
Payung means umbrella.
There are several famous Betawi dances like Blantek, Ronggeng Ganjen etc.

In all of the Betawi dances you hear the Chinese and Arab music influences very clear. InaDance has many varieties in costumes and accessories for this dance. 



*Mojang Priangan - West Java

This energetic dance is from the district of Priangan. The title literally means the girl from Priangan.

It is a modern new West Javanese dancestyle.





Tari Enggang - Kalimantan

The Tari Burung Enggang is originated from the eastern part of the Island of Kalimantan.

The dance describes the movements of the Burung Enggang (als known as the Hornbill birds), which is found in tropical and subtropical climates in Borneo, Sumatra and Java.

The cultural dance plays a big part in the life of the Indigenous Dayak people of which the Enggang Bird Dance is just one of many types of dance they perform at certain ceremonies for life events and celebrations within the community. 


Tari Piring - Sumatra

This is a traditional Minangkabau
platedance from West Sumatra. The dance might be performed by a group of women, men or couples, each of them holds plates in each hands, and vigorously rotate or half rotate them in various formations and fast movements.
The dance demonstrates the skill of the dancers that manage balance and to move the ceramics plate swiftly without dropping or braking the plates.


Tari Sekar Jempiring - Bali 

The Tari Sekar Jempiring is one of the newest Balinese dances.

Comparing to other Balinese dances, the movements are fast and it has influences from West Java (hips-movements).

The story also tells about the flourishing of the flowers.







Indonesische dansgroep InaDance


*These costumes are modern dance costumes and is not specifically for the dance descripted as in the picture.

Upon request you can let us know which costumes you prefer for your occasion.