At the end of the year Djoser Reizen Family Day was held at The Volkenkundemuseum in Leiden.

On this day guests can get inspiration and information about traveldestinations (with family) that Djoser Travel has to offer. 

InaDance welcomed the guests in all different traditional Indonesian dances


On the 6th and 7th of November The Pasar Malam Rijswijk took place in Rijswijk.

This oriental market brings Asia to the audience and is therefore the meeting place for everyone who has a warm heart for the Indonesian culture.

There is an extensive live entertainment program with artists throughout the day with many foodstands and restaurants.

This event was postponed for one year and InaDance performed on the 7th of November with various dances.

Indonesische dansgroep

On the 17th of October the foundation 'Panti Asuhan' held a Sponsordiner at Restaurant Grand Sempoerna in Soest.

This foundation provides financial support in the broadest sense of the word to children in general in Indonesia and children in the children's homes in particular of Perhimpunan Vincentius in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The aim is to introduce interested parties to the Foundation for the first time and during this event guests will get to know about the Indonesian culture in general.

InaDance performed two dances with Amina Tanoewidjaja and Amallia Beneder.

Indonesische dansgroep

Bersama Sama Baru is a foundation that helps underprivileged children in Asia, especially in Indonesia, by organizing events, collections and collecting goods.

From the 8th till 10th of October this foundation held a 3 days Pasar Malam in the Shoppingcentre Woensel in Eindhoven.

InaDance performed with 3 dancers on Friday 8th of October with the Tari Payung, Gandrung, Soyong and Merak from Java.

Indonesische dansgroep InaDance

The Sate Cruise is a unique Indonesian cultural event on a boat organized by Mitos Events.

You can experience and enjoy authentic Indonesian sate, snacks and other street food on the boat, with performances by Indonesian DJ and artists who live in the Netherlands and enjoy the beautiful view of the IJ-River at the same time.

InaDance performed two dances at this event with dancers Amina Tanoewidjaja and Putri Wulansari

Indonesische Dansgroep

The Pelita Foundation is committed to people from the former Dutch East Indies who left for the Netherlands after the Second World War because of Indonesian independence.

Their collective services are aimed at promoting mutual contact and identifying possible requests for help in a timely manner. This is done through their various meetings and events in the country.

The first event that was held after the Corona Pandemic was at Pelita in Amstelveen on the 10th of September with a small group of guests.

InaDance is more than thankful to finally perform again at a Pelita event, performed by Amina Tanoewidjaja and Ame Beneder with the Tari Merak and Gandrung Bandung. 


Indonesische dansgroep InaDance

Every year a huge amount of embassies participate in the Embassy Festival in Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

Thousands of visitors tempt their senses through an exploration of international music, cuisine and culture that entertains audiences of all ages. An innovative programme featuring pop, jazz, folk and classical music, as well as culinary delights, theatre, dances, art and activities spanning all corners of the globe.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, InaDance performed the Tari Gandrung Bandung from West-Java which is a choreography of Amina Tanoewidjaja.


Indonesische dansgroep InaDance 

with the Indonesian ambassador H.E. Mayerfas                     


On the 6th of August InaDance kids had the honor to perform for the 50th wedding anniversary of a dear friend held in Amsterdam.

The couples granddaughter and Amina's daughter performed a surprise welcome dance Tari Pendet from Bali.

Balinese danseressen

Balinese danseres
Indonesische danseres

Indonesische dansgroep


Every 21st of April Indonesians celebrate the Kartini Day. A day to celebrate Indonesian hero of women empowerment – Raden Ajeng Kartini.

Kartini was a prominent Indonesian national hero from Java (1879 - 1904).

She was a pioneer in the area of education for girls and women's rights for Indonesians.

In The Netherlands The Kartini day event is virtually organized by Stichting Hibiscus (a foundation who offers assistance to children in Indonesia in the field of hygiene and education)  and Stichting Alzi (Alzheimer Indonesia).

InaDance had the pleasure to perform two dances with dancers Amina Tanoewidjaja and Ame Beneder.

                                                                                                  Tari Menjeng from Banyuwangi (East-Java)

Tari Menjeng from Banyuwangi (East-Java)   

Indonesische dansgroep InaDance