The 'Stichting Nusantara Zorg' is a culture-specific healthcare institution for the elderly people with a Dutch/Indonesian origin.

On the 20th of December Stichting Nusantara in Apeldoorn held a Christmas dinner for the residents and their staff.

Kota Paku foundation is a meetingpoint for the elderly Indonesian/Indisch community and anyone who has an affinity with Indonesia, to provide them with a pleasant afternoon. With culture, music, dancing.

On the 16th of December the foundation celebrated their 25th anniversary.

The last edition of Amazing Asia Festival was held in the city of Laakdal on the 23rd of September.
InaDance collaborated with the Balinese dancegroup Dwimekar from Belgium and they performed the tari Nandak Ganjen, Tari Payung, Kompang and Merak.
Dwimekar performed the Balinese dances Taruna Jaya and Pradwala Nilayam, which is choreographed by Eka Santi Dewi.

Indonesische dansgroep

The Amazing Asia Festival started 5 years ago with originally only the Thai Festival in different locations in Belgium.

This year Amazing Asia Festival will be held at 6 different locations in Belgium.

InaDance was present at the first (Hasselt) and second (Antwerpen) event of the year, where we have shown dances from Bali and Java.


On the 16th of March the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague organized a dinner reception for the Travel industries to promote Indonesian destinations.

InaDance performed the Tari Kembang Girang at the opening of the event and during the dinner the Tari Gandrung Kompang choreographed by Amie Tanoewidjaja.

Travel Agency Djoser Reizen yearly organise at the beginning of the year the Travel Informationdays in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

InaDance had the honor to be part of the informationdays in Gent (21 January), Leiden (27-28-29 January) and Köln (4 February).

We welcomed the guests in traditional Indonesian costumes and different dances from the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra and Kalimantan.